Projects I insisted were a productive use of time, but probably weren't
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Welcome to Kumodori, a domain where I stash all my side projects that I did just for fun. I tried not to ever sink too much time into these... but that goal frequently got away from me. The projects usually resulted in a shoddy, hacked together code foundation with waaay too much time spent creating content. But at least it was fun!

The Timesinks

AKA Projects


Mochimarks is a bookmarking website focused on helping you regularly use your bookmarks. Features flexible reminders!

Jump Rankings

An interactive graph of Weekly Shonen Jump rankings since the year 2000. A lot more fun to explore than I thought.

BlazBlue Explained

A comprehensive guide to the complex BlazBlue franchise story and lore.

Adventure Time Ukulele Songs

Chord Listing site. I liked Rebecca Sugar's songs and wanted to play with some front end code.

Steven Universe Ukulele Songs

Chord Listing site. I still enjoyed Rebecca Sugar's songs and thought it would be easy to adapt my old code. It was, but it was a huge pain generating the content this time.

RelicNT Ukulele Songs

Chords for the songs I like to play. I needed a landing page for the ukulele domain, so whipped this up.

Ayakashi Card Opening Simulator

Gallery of cards and a card opening simulator with assets from a defunct property. This is how I tried out a bunch of front end concepts I was reading about.

Dragon Half Scanlation

Self Explanatory. I thought being a scanlator was cool and I needed a relaxing project. I don't think I'd ever do this again.


Extension of a Japanese windows desktop program that makes characters wander your screen. I worked on this for a cousin's birthday present.

Reminder 19

Made a windows reminder app at my wife's request. She never used it, but I was able to sell some copies online.

Directory Lister

Lists a windows directory structure in a pretty format.

Syntax Highlighter

Pretties code for blogs. I thought I needed to do this statically at the time, but a dynamic javascript solution is way better.


Check it out. I originally made this for a cousin's birthday.

My MAL Anime List

Ratings for the anime I watched. I like the layout I ended up with.

My MAL Manga List

Ratings for the manga I've read. I like the layout I ended up with.



(by Anthony Andres, but I do some editing/writing)

Gremlin World

Can Dr. Pinhead's creation, Pai Bunny Pinhead, be the monster she was meant to be?

Ninja Girl Jun

Should Jun really be calling herself a ninja? Decide for yourself in this fun action-comedy webcomic!

Zombie Shark Bear

Mirai Samekuma has become a terrifying chimera-like zombie! Will she save the world or destroy it?


Art by my friend Anthony Andres, Colored in 2008


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